Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What a Weekend!

Disclaimer- I wrote this email yesterday with the intention of going home and uploading my pictures (I left the cord at home). Unfortunately, I took a two hour nap and didn't get around to it. So here I am, on TUESDAY, finally posting... oops! :)

We were so busy this weekend! Ever since becoming pregnant, I have used my weekends to catch up on MUCH needed rest. Unfortunately, this weekend that was NOT an option- BUT fortunately, we had LOTS of good stuff planned!

Thursday night we planned to go to the Rodeo Cook-Off with the other jillion Houstonians that were out there. However, due to the impending vomit that sits in the back of my throat when I smell BBQ, we thought this was a year to SKIP out. It makes me so sad. Those who know me well know that Rodeo time in Houston is one of my VERY favorite times of year (close behind Christmas, my birthday, and summer vacation!). I was SO bummed to miss out on the fun- but the smell and close-talking of those who had too much to drink make me sick just thinking about it!

Friday night we finally cashed in on my Dad's birthday present- taking him to his FIRST Rockets game at Toyota Center. He had never been (crazy!) and neither had my mom. So for his birthday, the Hylands and the Squillantes gave Dad tickets to the game vs. the Spurs. It originally was going to be Dad and Anthony until a client of Anthony's gave us FOUR tickets! Jennifer and Justin weren't interested, so Anthony and I took Mom and Dad to their first game at Toyota Center! This would have been fun anyway, but add to the fact that we had third row ON THE COURT tickets, and it made it EVEN BETTER! We were up close and personal with the giants and it was SUPER fun to spend time with Mom and Dad! The game was great because we crushed the Spurs (my second fave NBA team)- oh, AND we stopped at Marble Slab on the way home for my prego belly! :)

By our seats- too bad Dad's eyes are closed!

Saturday I ran errands like crazy- I shopped until I alsmost dropped for maternity clothes. Unfortunately none of the cute maternity shops in Houston are that close to me, so I drove all over tarnation to find some pants that fit! And I did! :)

Saturday night we went to Azuma Downtown for a YUMMY dinner to celebrate my sweet friend Lindsie's birthday! I LOOOVE that place and order the Hot Rock EVERY time I go! YUM! Well, unfortunately, that was NOT enough food for Baby S, so I ordered the udon (yummy thick Japanese noodles) and it hit the spot perfectly. Are you asking if I had two dinners? Yes, yes I did thankyouverymuch! And it was delicious! It was so good to see Linds- I miss seeing her everyday!

Spence and Lindsie!

Sunday we had church as usual and then had lunch at my parents' with MeeMaw. It was fun to visit with her- and it's good to see her out and about! I helped throw a baby shower for a sweet friend from church in the afternoon. Then, I met up with the Hylands, my mom, and Anthony at Chuy's for a yummy Sunday night dinner! After the dinner, my mom and I went to my cousin Nick's show to his group perform! It was SO FUN! Nick is SUCH a talented rapper (with clean, good lyrics!) and it was SO MUCH fun to see him in his "mode."

The Fam at the show!

Needless to say this Monday afternoon I am PAYING the price for such a fun, busy weekend! Seriously, Anthony and I usually plan ONE thing over the whole weekend so that I can rest some. We usually spend the rest of it lounging at my parents or at our house. This weekend was a nice change- now for my nap!  :)


Christina said...

Crushed the Spurs huh? Well I think you forgot to mention Tony wasn't at the game and I wasn't there to cheer them on. Boo. Glad you had a fun weekend!

Michelle said...

Yea! What a fun weekend! I wish I could have been there for all of it!