Tuesday, March 9, 2010

100th Post!

Wow... This is my 100th post!!!!!!! I feel like I should be celebrating- what a milestone! In fact, here are some balloons for the party!  :)

The thing that makes me happy about this being my 100th post is the fact that it hasn't even been a year since I've had the blog (in fact it's bee just over 10 months!). On average, that means I am posting about twice a week, which is totally sufficient in my opinion! Yay me!

Thank you to my loyal readers (ok, now I'm just being dumb)... But seriously, I have LOVED keeping this public journal of the last 10 months of our lives- and boy how things have changed! I started the first post on my 27th birthday... Since then we've celebrated our 2 Year Anniversary... both of us have changed jobs (and we love them!)... we've traveled to The Bahamas, California, Alabama, and Iowa... we have gone from a couple and a dog to a couple with a dog and cat and expecting a baby... my oh my how we've been blessed! I would be totally out of line if I didn't give God the glory for this wonderful journey!

Thanks for reading and watch for more posts soon! :)


J & J said...

Thank you for sharing in your journey- congrats on 100 posts!!! ;)

GranDeb said...

You are a great journal-er!!!!

And a funny one!!!