Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Welcome 2nd Trimester!

I seriously CANNOT believe I am already into my second trimester! My how time flies when you're having fun! And we HAVE been having fun so far! This is just the greatest experience!

I probably loved my first trimester because I wasn't sick at all (start booing and hissing me now). I know, I was ridiculously lucky that my only major "side effect" was exhaustion. I will take that any day. I have zero complaints about the first trimester. I look back and reflect on how much fun some things were from T1... Like...
-Initially finding out! Crying alone (excitement of course!) in the bathroom, plotting a way to tell Anthony, and finally seeing that incredible look on his face!
-Getting to tell our friends and families! Loved all those tears of joy! This baby is one loved kid...
-Going to our first appointment and seeing that sweet little peanut on the screen for the first time. A moment I will never forget
-Having my first belly rub (ok, this was NOT fun- it was an older guy and I was NOT showing- just fat over my waistband- sick)
-Hearing that precious heartbeat for the first time- what a sweet sweet sound...
-Seeing our baby at 12 weeks and so much had changed!
-An excuse to eat a LOT and not feel guilty about it... This little one needs nourishment!
-When my bump finally popped out and two of my best friends were there to "witness" it! How fun!
-Having an excuse to take 2 hour naps every day! Woohoo!!!
-All the prayers and hopes and dreams Anthony and I have already said for our baby... This little darling is already so loved by its parents... I can't even being to imagine that our hearts will be able to swell anymore for this precious kid.

I am so EXCITED to see all of the exciting things that the 2nd Trimester has to bring!


GranDeb said...

I got to 'pat the belly' this past weekend! Or maybe I should say 'pat the bump'!! It was so fun.....expect alot more from me!


Kelli said...

Great post Courts! I enjoyed that!