Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Our Way

We had an absolute wonderful Valentine's weekend! We didn't do the typical go out to dinner thing- we had our own fun and it was so worth it!

Saturday morning we drove up to Dallas to see two of my very best friends- Cara and Christina. Cara and Jarod have a new dog Bailey who is just about the sweetest thing you can ever imagine. We got to see their gorgeous home that they have worked so hard to redo. They were incredible hosts! Christina brought Davis up for his first airplane ride! He did great and she looks FANTASTIC! Who knew mommies could be so hot! It gives me some hope! :)  

Saturday afternoon we went to see our sweet friend Erin's new baby boy Cullen. Erin had a rough go with this pregnancy and delivery and was just released from the hospital almost two weeks after Cullen was born. Both mom and baby are doing great now and it was so fun to see the Crowell Family at home!

Saturday night we had our Valentine's Dinner! The Jaggers cooked fajitas for us and we sat around a candle lit table together. It was SO MUCH fun getting to talk and visit with my sweet friends. We don't see either of these girls as often as we would like, so when we get together we definitely make the most of it!

Sunday was a YUMMY breakfast together and then we were off for the trip home. Such a short time, but it truly was fabulous!

We met Anthony's parents and Andrea and Mike at a yummy place for brunch before hitting the road. It was so fun to see them even if it was short!

We came home and went to my parents' house for dinner. My sister Jennifer and her kids were over. After some scheming and planning Jake decided to spend the night with GranDeb and PawPaw and Josh spent the night with us! It was our first slumber party with someone younger than the age of 23!!!!! I was a little nervous for him because our house is not exactly "fun." It's grown up and boring. But we made the most of it and we LOVED having sweet Josh spend the night!

Tex has recently become super obsessed with Josh and slept on the floor by him in his bed last night. I heard Josh coughing around 4:30 (guess those motherly instincts are already picking up!) and went in to check on him. Poor baby was half awake and sitting up. Tex was on the bed curled up next to him on a pillow and Ella was on the bed, too! I scooped him up and brought him to bed with Anthony and me. The three of us snuggled and it was so wonderful! I just love that sweet boy!

This morning Jake and GranDeb came over with donuts. We dropped the boys off and mom and I hit Maternity Gap. They have some CUTE stuff! We scored and I was soooo excited to get some clothes that fit! Woohoo!  :)

As Anthony and I thought more about it, we realized that yesterday was our last Valentine's Day EVER without children. Maybe we should have gone to a fancy dinner one last time... But in the end, both of us were so happy to spend our weekend OUR way- with wonderful friends and loving family!

PS- My belly finally "popped" out over the weekend. I'm not kidding- I'm officially showing! It's little but so cute and fun! :)

PSS- I took NO PICTURES all weekend! Boo! :(


Chelsea & Nick said...

You guys made the rounds this weekend!!! I'm sad you didn't take any pics to share though!

J & J said...

I need a picture of your cute belly! :)

Michelle said...

I would love to see your baby bump!!

GranDeb said...

I am just so happy you don't have to walk around with your zipper down anymore!! Woohoo! And, wow, maternity clothes now are soooo cute!! (=


Cara Jaggers said...

I took some pictures so I will try to download them and send them to you this week. I loved the weekend, and I wish we all lived closer together!!

The Torno's said...

You can't say you're showing and not include a pic, no fair!