Friday, February 5, 2010


Here is a CRAZY story from last night...

Anthony and I set the alarm as we do every night and climbed into bed. We watched some TV and fell into a blissful "it's Friday tomorrow!" sleep... Tex was on the floor by our bed, Ella was curled around my head- peaceful sleep was ahead!

All of a sudden at 12:59 am, our house alarm starts going off and the front door opens!!!!! Anthony jumps out of bed and follows Tex around the corner. I cower under the covers for a second... Anthony is screaming, "Who's there!? Who is it!?" (in an angry "I'm about to attack you" voice). I jump up to turn off the alarm and then realize we probably WANT the cops to come!

All of a sudden we hear a response to Anthony's enraged questions, "It's us! I'm sorry! It's us!"

Anthony screams back, "Who's us?!?!"  Apparently his eyes have not adjusted yet- but by this point Tex has figured out what's going on...

"Michelle and Scott! I'm so sorry!"   I shut off the alarm.

Soooo... Michelle and Scott flew into Houston last night around 12. Scott can't stay at my parents because he is SOOOO allergic to cats and my parents have two (Ella is locked out of the room that he stays in so it doesn't bother him at our house). Apparently I just missed the memo and forgot they were staying with us. Michelle asked a couple weeks ago, but blame it on PB (pregnancy brain)- I totally forgot. Whenever I know they are staying with us we never set the alarm.


So I learned a couple things from this ordeal...
1) My husband rocks and will keep me safe and protected.
2) Tex will not.
3) Ask family and friends to please constantly remind me of things- my brain is not working now.
4) Things are VERY funny after the fact- Anthony and I sat in bed and laughed HARD for quite a while.
5) It's hard to sleep after something like that. I'm exhausted.

Happy Friday- hope your night was just as cool as mine!  :)


The Blogivers said...

Glad to hear it wasn't really robbers! I'm hoping nothing like that ever happens to me when I'm home alone because I am a big huge baby!

Leah said...

awesome story. :)

Kelli said...

ahahahahhhhhaaa! I'm literally LOL! I adore all four of you..well 5 if you count precious Tex. Love it!

GranDeb said...

Got a re-enactment from each person involved! Just hilarious!!!

And just last words to Michelle and Scott as they dropped me off to head to the Squillantes were: I hope Courtney remembered to not set the alarm!!!