Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Good Deed

So I took the whole day off of school today. I have our doctor's appointment at 1 and I thought I could use a day to myself!

Wellll..... turns out my principal scheduled a parent conference at 7:15 this morning that couldn't be changed... So I had to get up and go.

I came home to find this little guy in my back yard...

Cute? Yes. Dirty and smelly? Yes. Not to mention he keeps trying to mount everything around him. We have seen him lingering on our street Sunday. We tried to catch him then with no luck. I thought he was gone until I drove up my driveway this morning at 8. He's back and still yucky. So I load him in my car to take him to the animal shelter- which does NOT open until 10!!!!!!!!!!! So here we are.... I'm waiting....

Good times on my day off!  :)

-Took this little dirty guy to the shelter. He ended up being SUPER sweet! He was SOOO scared when I left him but the guy working there that took him was awesome. He made me feel so good about leaving him. He said with a bath and a shave he's a pretty adoptable guy- which made me feel better even if he was lying to me. I left and totally started sobbing... Some might blame pregnancy hormones, but if you know me, you know my LOVE for animals. The last two times I have dropped animals off at the shelter I have sobbed then, too. It's so hard leaving them not knowing what their fate might be. And animals are just so helpless- how could this DUMB owner not take care of him!?

Anyway, now I'm at home on my day off crying and accomplishing NOTHING. Yay me. :)

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Nancy said...

Hi Courtney! I came across your blog a couple months ago (yes, I admit I'm one of THOSE people who read tons of people's blogs without ever commenting). :)

But today I had to comment. Do you teach at Rummel Creek? The reason I ask is because this morning I took lunch to my nephews because it is "Bring Your Family to School" week. As we were sitting there eating, I heard a kid at another table say something about Mrs. Squillante. I asked my nephew, Jack, if a Mrs. Squillante taught at his school and he said "yes, but she's not here today." I wondered if it was you. Then I saw on your blog that you were out today & figured it had to be! Small world.

Hope that all is well -
Nancy (Snyder) Rodgers