Monday, February 1, 2010

I Hate Cold

So I've NEVER been a fan of cold weather EVER- unless I'm skiing in it. The fact that Houston has had below average cold temperatures for over a month makes me so mad- I live in Houston for a reason- I hate the cold and don't mind the blistering summers...

Anyway, pregnancy has made me EVEN colder. I cannot get warm. No matter how many clothes I have on my body, how many blankets are wrapped around me- I just can't get warm. Our house was at 68 last week and I was BEGGING to turn the heat up! I'm normally very hot natured- so for me to be cold is a huge YUCKY thing!

So, imagine my great mood when my heat at school is not working today. The thermometer in my room read 52!!!!!! RIDICULOUS!! I am sitting around my class in two pairs of pants (leggings and black pants) a scarf, two long sleeve shirts (one's a sweater) a heavy pea coat and gloves, and my nose is RUNNING! Then, I go to one of the only WARM bathrooms in the school (we only have 2-3 teacher restrooms in this entire school), and the non-outside one (hence the WARM one) is OUT OF ORDER! UGH! Put together pregnancy hormones and you can imagine the fabulous mood I've been in all day... Poor kids  :)

Anyway, I just walked my kids to their PE time in the cold weather and came into my room. Imagine my surprise when HEAT was coming out of the unit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm in SUCH a better mood now!!! WOOHOO!!!

Ok, sorry for the rant- this just seriously put me in such a bad mood today! Ha!  :)


Jenni said...

I couldn't get warm early in my pregnancy, either! Strange...and I actually liked being pregnant in the summer...sundresses and flip flops sound so much better 8 months along than having to put on sweaters and coats!

Mel said...

congrats!!! u have so much fun ahead of u! give it a couple weeks, then youll always be hot! its a blast though!