Wednesday, February 10, 2010

12 Week Appointment!

Today was a very exciting day for our little family! We had SO MUCH fun at our appointment!!!

I had my ultrasound first which was so fun! We got to see our little one in so many different ways! The first thing we saw was baby's little legs flailing around- it was hysterical! Then we got some GREAT side view pictures!!

Look at our little one waving!!!
I think those are just the cutest little hand/finger bones ever!
And you can see the little eye sockets and mouth!

I love the hand and foot sticking straight up!
Baby S is about 2 1/2 inches now!

Sweet little arms!
The one on the left you can see the elbow and whole arm!
Right side is looking at the top of the head and the arm bent in front of its face!

Another sweet side view. Saluting (or thumb sucking)??
And that precious flexed foot! I just love it!!

Ah, we had so much fun! Little one wasn't moving a ton (we all think it was nap time!), so Anthony and the tech had BLAST poking my stomach with the wand to try to make it move. Not so funny for the chick who is laying there with the full bladder!!!!!  :)

Baby S has a 160 heart rate- nice and healthy! We also heard that sweet little heartbeat! It literally was just music to my ears! It was the best thing I've ever heard!

Another positive- I thought for SURE they were going to tell me I had gained about 10 pounds. I'm NOT exaggerating. I've been eating a ton and only walking during the day instead of working out regularly because I've been SO DANG TIRED. I stepped up to the scale and I weighed the SAME amount as last time! Which actually meant I lost a couple pounds because I was wearing some big ol' heavy boots and a big fat sweater.

Before you judge- I know it's good to gain weight during your pregnancy. I get that I will be gaining a BUTT LOAD of weight. I am ok with that. I promise. However, I am not showing yet so it is hard to justify gaining a TON of weight when your baby is still less than an ounce. So it made me happy when the nurse told me that I hadn't gained any! My uterus is growing now and I can feel it in my tummy (yay!) so now I'm poised and ready to start gaining and watch this little baby grow and grow!

Anyway, it was a wonderful and super fun appointment! The scary first trimester thoughts are gone and now it's time for some FUN! Woohoo!!!!


J & J said...

I am SO happy to hear about your appointment! :) Sounds like a fantastic day!!

Chelsea & Nick said...

Aigh! So exciting!! Love all the little pictures.