Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Welcome 2nd Trimester!

I seriously CANNOT believe I am already into my second trimester! My how time flies when you're having fun! And we HAVE been having fun so far! This is just the greatest experience!

I probably loved my first trimester because I wasn't sick at all (start booing and hissing me now). I know, I was ridiculously lucky that my only major "side effect" was exhaustion. I will take that any day. I have zero complaints about the first trimester. I look back and reflect on how much fun some things were from T1... Like...
-Initially finding out! Crying alone (excitement of course!) in the bathroom, plotting a way to tell Anthony, and finally seeing that incredible look on his face!
-Getting to tell our friends and families! Loved all those tears of joy! This baby is one loved kid...
-Going to our first appointment and seeing that sweet little peanut on the screen for the first time. A moment I will never forget
-Having my first belly rub (ok, this was NOT fun- it was an older guy and I was NOT showing- just fat over my waistband- sick)
-Hearing that precious heartbeat for the first time- what a sweet sweet sound...
-Seeing our baby at 12 weeks and so much had changed!
-An excuse to eat a LOT and not feel guilty about it... This little one needs nourishment!
-When my bump finally popped out and two of my best friends were there to "witness" it! How fun!
-Having an excuse to take 2 hour naps every day! Woohoo!!!
-All the prayers and hopes and dreams Anthony and I have already said for our baby... This little darling is already so loved by its parents... I can't even being to imagine that our hearts will be able to swell anymore for this precious kid.

I am so EXCITED to see all of the exciting things that the 2nd Trimester has to bring!

Monday, February 22, 2010


So twice a year our church does something wonderful- we (Memorial Church of Christ) pair up with Fifth Ward Church of Christ for a time of fellowship and worship.

If you don't know much about the Houston area, then this won't mean much to you until I explain. Memorial is the Highland Park of Houston. Well-to-do people, big, beautiful homes... you get my drift... If you know anything about "wards" in cities, then you know Fifth Ward would be quite the opposite of Memorial.

Last night, it was Fifth Ward's turn to come to Memorial. They came in hundreds and filled our auditorium. They were decked out in their Sunday best- gorgeous hats, beautiful dresses and suits... And the congregation from Fifth Ward mixed right in with the Memorial Congregation.

Looking from the pulpit, I bet it was quite a sight! Every color skin you could imagine mingled together- all there for one purpose- to give glory to God. If you know Churches of Christ, you know we don't use instruments when we worship- we just sing. I can assure you that God was smiling down last night with a HUGE smile. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard- voices of every type singing praises to Him. It was the loudest it's ever been in that auditorium. I paused while we sang Hallelujah Praise Jehovah, and just listened- it was truly amazing.

The message was wonderful and there was a sweet young boy from Fifth Ward who professed his faith in front of the HUGE congregation and was baptized. It really was just incredible.

After the service we all went to the Family Life Center for dinner together. Once again, we didn't even blink about sitting with our "usual" friends that we see every week. We sat with our new friends and exchanged life stories and just listened to each other.

I wanted to post this so that I could be reminded that there is hope in this crazy world! When two completely different congregations can get together and glorify God, how can you not believe in hope? We came together as two sets of completely different people for one purpose. There is one thing that binds us together as brothers and sisters and that is Jesus Christ. I left the service last night with such a renewed sense of peace. God is so good and He showed us that last night.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Belly Reveal!

So, you've asked for it and here it is.... The BUMP is making its FIRST blog debut!!!


My 13 week BUMP! I'm not gonna lie- I love that little bump! It makes me so happy to look down at it or feel it and know that our sweet baby is just comfy and happy in there! And I love that it's growing because it means our baby is growing!

Now, ask me again in 5 1/2 months and I might be singing a different tune!  :)

Happy Happy Happy!

Can I just PLEASE tell you how GORGEOUS the weather is?! May I also remind you that this sunshine and slight warmth puts me in the best mood ever!?

Ah- this week has been fabulous- GORGEOUS and SUNNY and I love it!

Also, today is the FIRST day I haven't felt like I was going to pass out by 2:00. I have energy and I'm in a great mood and I'm actually staying after school for our faculty boot camp today!

Happy times and I just had to share!  :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Our Way

We had an absolute wonderful Valentine's weekend! We didn't do the typical go out to dinner thing- we had our own fun and it was so worth it!

Saturday morning we drove up to Dallas to see two of my very best friends- Cara and Christina. Cara and Jarod have a new dog Bailey who is just about the sweetest thing you can ever imagine. We got to see their gorgeous home that they have worked so hard to redo. They were incredible hosts! Christina brought Davis up for his first airplane ride! He did great and she looks FANTASTIC! Who knew mommies could be so hot! It gives me some hope! :)  

Saturday afternoon we went to see our sweet friend Erin's new baby boy Cullen. Erin had a rough go with this pregnancy and delivery and was just released from the hospital almost two weeks after Cullen was born. Both mom and baby are doing great now and it was so fun to see the Crowell Family at home!

Saturday night we had our Valentine's Dinner! The Jaggers cooked fajitas for us and we sat around a candle lit table together. It was SO MUCH fun getting to talk and visit with my sweet friends. We don't see either of these girls as often as we would like, so when we get together we definitely make the most of it!

Sunday was a YUMMY breakfast together and then we were off for the trip home. Such a short time, but it truly was fabulous!

We met Anthony's parents and Andrea and Mike at a yummy place for brunch before hitting the road. It was so fun to see them even if it was short!

We came home and went to my parents' house for dinner. My sister Jennifer and her kids were over. After some scheming and planning Jake decided to spend the night with GranDeb and PawPaw and Josh spent the night with us! It was our first slumber party with someone younger than the age of 23!!!!! I was a little nervous for him because our house is not exactly "fun." It's grown up and boring. But we made the most of it and we LOVED having sweet Josh spend the night!

Tex has recently become super obsessed with Josh and slept on the floor by him in his bed last night. I heard Josh coughing around 4:30 (guess those motherly instincts are already picking up!) and went in to check on him. Poor baby was half awake and sitting up. Tex was on the bed curled up next to him on a pillow and Ella was on the bed, too! I scooped him up and brought him to bed with Anthony and me. The three of us snuggled and it was so wonderful! I just love that sweet boy!

This morning Jake and GranDeb came over with donuts. We dropped the boys off and mom and I hit Maternity Gap. They have some CUTE stuff! We scored and I was soooo excited to get some clothes that fit! Woohoo!  :)

As Anthony and I thought more about it, we realized that yesterday was our last Valentine's Day EVER without children. Maybe we should have gone to a fancy dinner one last time... But in the end, both of us were so happy to spend our weekend OUR way- with wonderful friends and loving family!

PS- My belly finally "popped" out over the weekend. I'm not kidding- I'm officially showing! It's little but so cute and fun! :)

PSS- I took NO PICTURES all weekend! Boo! :(

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

12 Week Appointment!

Today was a very exciting day for our little family! We had SO MUCH fun at our appointment!!!

I had my ultrasound first which was so fun! We got to see our little one in so many different ways! The first thing we saw was baby's little legs flailing around- it was hysterical! Then we got some GREAT side view pictures!!

Look at our little one waving!!!
I think those are just the cutest little hand/finger bones ever!
And you can see the little eye sockets and mouth!

I love the hand and foot sticking straight up!
Baby S is about 2 1/2 inches now!

Sweet little arms!
The one on the left you can see the elbow and whole arm!
Right side is looking at the top of the head and the arm bent in front of its face!

Another sweet side view. Saluting (or thumb sucking)??
And that precious flexed foot! I just love it!!

Ah, we had so much fun! Little one wasn't moving a ton (we all think it was nap time!), so Anthony and the tech had BLAST poking my stomach with the wand to try to make it move. Not so funny for the chick who is laying there with the full bladder!!!!!  :)

Baby S has a 160 heart rate- nice and healthy! We also heard that sweet little heartbeat! It literally was just music to my ears! It was the best thing I've ever heard!

Another positive- I thought for SURE they were going to tell me I had gained about 10 pounds. I'm NOT exaggerating. I've been eating a ton and only walking during the day instead of working out regularly because I've been SO DANG TIRED. I stepped up to the scale and I weighed the SAME amount as last time! Which actually meant I lost a couple pounds because I was wearing some big ol' heavy boots and a big fat sweater.

Before you judge- I know it's good to gain weight during your pregnancy. I get that I will be gaining a BUTT LOAD of weight. I am ok with that. I promise. However, I am not showing yet so it is hard to justify gaining a TON of weight when your baby is still less than an ounce. So it made me happy when the nurse told me that I hadn't gained any! My uterus is growing now and I can feel it in my tummy (yay!) so now I'm poised and ready to start gaining and watch this little baby grow and grow!

Anyway, it was a wonderful and super fun appointment! The scary first trimester thoughts are gone and now it's time for some FUN! Woohoo!!!!

My Good Deed

So I took the whole day off of school today. I have our doctor's appointment at 1 and I thought I could use a day to myself!

Wellll..... turns out my principal scheduled a parent conference at 7:15 this morning that couldn't be changed... So I had to get up and go.

I came home to find this little guy in my back yard...

Cute? Yes. Dirty and smelly? Yes. Not to mention he keeps trying to mount everything around him. We have seen him lingering on our street Sunday. We tried to catch him then with no luck. I thought he was gone until I drove up my driveway this morning at 8. He's back and still yucky. So I load him in my car to take him to the animal shelter- which does NOT open until 10!!!!!!!!!!! So here we are.... I'm waiting....

Good times on my day off!  :)

-Took this little dirty guy to the shelter. He ended up being SUPER sweet! He was SOOO scared when I left him but the guy working there that took him was awesome. He made me feel so good about leaving him. He said with a bath and a shave he's a pretty adoptable guy- which made me feel better even if he was lying to me. I left and totally started sobbing... Some might blame pregnancy hormones, but if you know me, you know my LOVE for animals. The last two times I have dropped animals off at the shelter I have sobbed then, too. It's so hard leaving them not knowing what their fate might be. And animals are just so helpless- how could this DUMB owner not take care of him!?

Anyway, now I'm at home on my day off crying and accomplishing NOTHING. Yay me. :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

3 Months Down!

I can't believe I'm already 12 weeks along! These first three months have FLOWN by!

Our sweet little Baby S is the size of a LIME! There are so many amazing things going on with this little one- it's just so exciting!!

We have our 12 week appointment tomorrow. We get to have another ultrasound and hear the heartbeat for the first time! I can't wait to post tomorrow!  :)

Friday, February 5, 2010


Here is a CRAZY story from last night...

Anthony and I set the alarm as we do every night and climbed into bed. We watched some TV and fell into a blissful "it's Friday tomorrow!" sleep... Tex was on the floor by our bed, Ella was curled around my head- peaceful sleep was ahead!

All of a sudden at 12:59 am, our house alarm starts going off and the front door opens!!!!! Anthony jumps out of bed and follows Tex around the corner. I cower under the covers for a second... Anthony is screaming, "Who's there!? Who is it!?" (in an angry "I'm about to attack you" voice). I jump up to turn off the alarm and then realize we probably WANT the cops to come!

All of a sudden we hear a response to Anthony's enraged questions, "It's us! I'm sorry! It's us!"

Anthony screams back, "Who's us?!?!"  Apparently his eyes have not adjusted yet- but by this point Tex has figured out what's going on...

"Michelle and Scott! I'm so sorry!"   I shut off the alarm.

Soooo... Michelle and Scott flew into Houston last night around 12. Scott can't stay at my parents because he is SOOOO allergic to cats and my parents have two (Ella is locked out of the room that he stays in so it doesn't bother him at our house). Apparently I just missed the memo and forgot they were staying with us. Michelle asked a couple weeks ago, but blame it on PB (pregnancy brain)- I totally forgot. Whenever I know they are staying with us we never set the alarm.


So I learned a couple things from this ordeal...
1) My husband rocks and will keep me safe and protected.
2) Tex will not.
3) Ask family and friends to please constantly remind me of things- my brain is not working now.
4) Things are VERY funny after the fact- Anthony and I sat in bed and laughed HARD for quite a while.
5) It's hard to sleep after something like that. I'm exhausted.

Happy Friday- hope your night was just as cool as mine!  :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

11 Weeks!

We're almost out of the first trimester! Woohoo! Two more weeks to go!

I am 11 weeks today and that means Baby S is the size of a FIG... I don't know about you, but I'm not a big FIG fan, so I'm a little less enthused about this milestone than last week's kumquat! However, I love seeing how my baby is getting bigger and how it's moving and hiccuping in my belly even though I can't feel anything yet! Here is a "picture" of our little fig...

Monday, February 1, 2010

I Hate Cold

So I've NEVER been a fan of cold weather EVER- unless I'm skiing in it. The fact that Houston has had below average cold temperatures for over a month makes me so mad- I live in Houston for a reason- I hate the cold and don't mind the blistering summers...

Anyway, pregnancy has made me EVEN colder. I cannot get warm. No matter how many clothes I have on my body, how many blankets are wrapped around me- I just can't get warm. Our house was at 68 last week and I was BEGGING to turn the heat up! I'm normally very hot natured- so for me to be cold is a huge YUCKY thing!

So, imagine my great mood when my heat at school is not working today. The thermometer in my room read 52!!!!!! RIDICULOUS!! I am sitting around my class in two pairs of pants (leggings and black pants) a scarf, two long sleeve shirts (one's a sweater) a heavy pea coat and gloves, and my nose is RUNNING! Then, I go to one of the only WARM bathrooms in the school (we only have 2-3 teacher restrooms in this entire school), and the non-outside one (hence the WARM one) is OUT OF ORDER! UGH! Put together pregnancy hormones and you can imagine the fabulous mood I've been in all day... Poor kids  :)

Anyway, I just walked my kids to their PE time in the cold weather and came into my room. Imagine my surprise when HEAT was coming out of the unit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm in SUCH a better mood now!!! WOOHOO!!!

Ok, sorry for the rant- this just seriously put me in such a bad mood today! Ha!  :)