Friday, January 15, 2010

Tex the Snuggler?

Tex does a LOT of things that I absolutely love. But this post is about one of my VERY favorite things that he does.

When Anthony leaves in the morning, I am still in bed. Tex jumps on the bed and assumes his role as second man of the house! He lays RIGHT on Anthony's pillow. If you have met Tex you know he is still in his puppy stage, so he's still pretty hyper. He's not much of a snuggler because he wants to play and for you to pet him. So I LOVE this time of our day together because he's still so tired and it's like he's getting up on the bed to protect me out of obligation to Anthony (I'm sure none of this actually goes through his mind, but I like to pretend it does!). This is also VERY amusing because Tex is not actually allowed on the bed at all- so as soon as dad leaves he gets to jump on the bed and take over!

 This was him yesterday morning. I LOVE this dog!!! Please notice how he is even under the covers!!!


Moriarty Family said...

This seriously just melts my heart!!

GranDeb said...

He is such a precious boy!!!


Michelle said...

Ahh, so cute!!

Chelsea & Nick said...

I just saw anthonys facebook!! I will be obsessively checking your blog for updates!!!!!!!