Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Thought of Something!

I can't believe I didn't think about this to write about! The return of all our TV shows!!! I guess it really hit me last night while watching Season 1,000,000 of The Bachelor.

Yes, I said it- make fun of me all you want... but I LOVE this show. Jake is a dork and half of the girls are head cases and half are totally boring, but I do love it and yes, I will watch the whole season (with Anthony!).

Making it's debut tonight is American Idol! I CANNOT wait to see Ellen on it (though let's be honest, her ability to figure out how "pitchy" things are might be a little off), and all the crazies who parade themselves around! The spring really makes it hard on us with our TV watching schedule though... American Idol is on every night (well T, W, Th) and conflicts with a LOT of TV shows that we watch throughout the year (I'll get to those in a minute). So we use that wonderful DVR and end up watching EVERYTHING! Anyway, we are excited for the return of American Idol!

Tuesday night is ALSO 90210 night. Anthony and I both LOVE this show!!!!!! I think it kind of takes us back to Dawson's Creek days... Gotta love the high school drama! And it also might have something to do with the fact that I wasn't allowed to watch the real one growing up... regardless, we are so excited it is back on tonight!

Wednesday nights are Modern Family and Cougar Town. I freakin' LOVE Modern Family! It could be one of my all time favorite shows. The one-liners from there are awesome!

And then Thursday night- Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice!

From my list you can tell a few things...
A) We love our TV shows and are "that" couple that watches a ridiculous amount of shows religiously.
B) Our shows are not deep nor are they award-winning... They are silly, raunchy, light-hearted shows that make us laugh (or make me cry) and that we are addicted to. Judge if you will. We don't care. :)
C) Fill in your own assumption here....

Anyway, I TOTALLY forgot to blog about this yesterday and it was WELL worth it!


Leah said...

Well, I definitely cannot judge you since I now have "my shows" too! Why does TV have to be so entertaining? :)

Chelsea & Nick said...

Okay this is completely ridiculous I know, but I saw your post on my blogger main page so obviously the picture is really small and it's just the first line or so of what you wrote- anyway I TOTALLY thought the picture was of Anthony holding a rose by an airplane!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha. I was so confused!! I had to open up your post and then I felt really retarted.

GranDeb said...

Geez, Courtney....you left out NCIS, NCIS LA, The Mentalist, Criminal Minds, Dog Whisperer....etc.....although I would like to try Cougar Town and Modern Family.....thanks for the suggestion!!

p.s. I can't believe Anthony doesn't sneak some sports shows in there??!!!


Jenny Jones said...

I agree with most of your shows, and the only reason I don't agree with some of those is cause I haven't ever watched them. But maybe I should give them a try!

Anyways, if you have room and could manage one more, it should be The Biggest Loser. LOVE THAT SHOW!!!

Justin and Julie said...

You're my own personal tv guide! haha I actually just checked your blog to see what was on tonight...!

Erin+Josh said...

we have our shows too...it's family time! I'll also admit to Jersey Shore. Can't help it! Hilarious train wreck.