Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bubble Blowing Stud

So I am going to take today's blog post to brag about myself. Just get ready.

Have you even blown a bubble with bubblegum inside of another bubble? Well, I asked my class the same question yesterday and most could not do this. I took it upon myself to show them what I meant using ONE piece of Double Bubble (I LOVE that gum and our lounge is stocked with it!!!). I did it and they were so impressed. Then, I did FOUR! They were really impressed and so was I!

After a couple minutes of celebrating my FOUR, one asked me to try and make as many as I could... Well, FOURTEEN bubbles later, the gum popped on my face and my kids were cheering as loud as they could! Yes, that's right FOURTEEN BUBBLES within BUBBLES!

I ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS- This was during math. I feel very confident that when my kids' parents asked them what they learned at school yesterday, this was the answer given. Oops!

PPS (or PSS?)- I checked the Guiness Book of World Records feeling very confident that this was some sort of a record... I can't find it. Maybe this will be my new calling!


The Torno's said...

funny! and glad I found your blog!

GranDeb said...

hahaha Way to go, Ms Teacher!!! There is alot more to learn in school than just through books, huh??? Your students will always remember this one!!!


Justin and Julie said...

Woman of many talents, you are! Your students must love you- and all your sweet skills!