Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving 2K9

We just got back from a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving! We spent it in Alabama with my mom's uncle and aunt. The WHOLE family was able to get together which was an amazing fete in itself! We got to spend some great quality Moriarty Family time- all 14 of us (this is just immediate family of mine)! This was just an incredible blessing that we were so thankful for. Anthony has also never spent Thanksgiving with my family, so this was a first for him, too!

We stayed in the country in West Alabama (Demopolis/Linden to be exact!). We fed cows, shot guns, fished, drove four wheelers, rode horses, and of course had a fire every night. The weather was ABSOLUTELY perfect and the food- well, let's just say I'm pretty sure I gained fifty pounds! Southern cooking at it's FINEST!

Here are some pictures (probably way too many) and I'm sure I'll post more when I get Jenn's pictures!

Jill and me feeding the cows

Anthony and Josh fishing

The boys and their catch!

Owen and PaPa

Jennifer got the biggest catch!
A 4-5 lb. bass

My TEENY catch :)

The girls by the fire

Me feeding the cow!

Anthony and Bully

Ant and me by the fire

More to come! :)


GranDeb said...

It was a GREAT Thanksgiving!!! And it was sooo fun having Anthony!! He added so much to the whole vacation! And I have to brag about what a sharpshooter he is!! Between Tony and Michelle.....we are well protected....at least if we are attacked by any strange, flying, orange clay pigeons!!! hahaha


Anonymous said...

can't wait to see you in 2 weeks

the granzows