Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Love Being a Roadrunner

I don't think I've ever taught and not known how many days were left before the next vacation (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break, summer...). In fact, last year, I could tell you how many days of school were left starting on the FIRST day...

So a couple weeks ago when someone said, "Wow, you must be excited that there are only 6.5 days of school left"- it hit me like a ton of bricks that I had NO CLUE that two weeks of freedom were so close!! How could I NOT know that we had so few days left?! Then I realized it's because I absolutely LOVE my job! I LOVE my new school, I LOVE my students and parents, and I LOVE my colleagues! This first semester being a Roadrunner (Rummel Creek Roadrunners!) has been one of the biggest blessings in my work career. I absolutely love everything about it. I LOVE that my team is filled with such good teachers that challenge me to be better. I LOVE that the employees are so positive and the school morale is SO HIGH. I LOVE that my students are incredible and want to learn. This has been the most fun semester I have ever had as a teacher.

Not only do all of these things make a great working environment, but add our AMAZING PTA to the mix.... We started off work week at school in August with gifts and gift cards to the teacher supply store. Then they had a breakfast for us. We then each had a take home meal for the first day of school because they knew the teachers would just be too tired to cook that night! WOW! It's been followed up with monthly luncheons, secret pal gifts, Thanksgiving pies, and then a Java Bar last week in the morning. It was AMAZING! Just as I thought we had been spoiled enough, insert classroom holiday parties! I received a wreath of gift cards from all the kids in my class and presents on top of that! This was the first year I didn't have to "put on" the holiday party- the moms took care of that! I actually feel guilty for how they blessed me with gifts- this is something I LOVE doing, and they spoiled me rotten.

I couldn't have created a better job if I handpicked parts myself (well, maybe I would have taken some friends from my old school and added them into the mix!). This has been SUCH a blessing that I know only comes from one place- and He knew all along what I needed.

Anthony and I both went out on a limb and took new jobs in the wake of a huge economic crisis in our country. We put total faith in God that He knew what was best for us- and as we expected, He did! We are both blessed beyond imagination with our new jobs. God works in amazing ways and we are SO THANKFUL for these new paths.

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