Monday, December 7, 2009

Houston Snow Day!

Yes, you read the title right- it snowed in HOUSTON! It actually snowed several inches- enough to cover my car, our roof, and all of our plants! It actually STUCK- which is just about a miracle!

My phone died when the snow really started sticking (of course!), but here are some from the beginning and when it started piling up!

The CHAOS at school when all the kids wanted to play in the snow!

The Hyland Boys playing in the snow

Starting to stick!

At home!! It looks so pretty!

Tex LOVED playing in the snow!!

Tex was MAD that I made him stop playing to sit and
take a picture!!

This was my kind of snow- fun for a day then I was GLAD to see the blue skies and green grass again! :)

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GranDeb said...

Awwww! Cute pic of ol' Texer!!! I figured he would love the snow!! And cold weather!!!