Sunday, November 1, 2009


I was actually really looking forward to Halloween this year because Anthony and I had a costume we were really excited about! We dressed up as GANGRENE. Actually, Anthony was a gangster, and I was all green, so we were GANG-GREEN! Disclaimer- we stole this idea from our friend Jill from a LONG time ago! I LOVED this idea and we had so much fun! Anthony is a natural gangster at heart (heehee) and did a great Eminem/Tupac impression. I had a great time in all green and even spray painted my hair! It took four washes at 1:30 am to wash it out, but it finally came out!

We went to Blanco's to see one of my sweet friends Lindsie's husband's band play. They were awesome and it was super fun! We went with Jake and Stacy and then met up with Michelle and Clay when we got there! Here are some funny pics from the night!

Gang-green at home!

The Waldrops- cop and prisoner

The Grahams- Charlie Brown and Sally

Lindsie, me, Michelle

Our favorite costume- A Morman!

True Thugs

We loved Halloween this year- but I can't believe it's already NOVEMBER! Crazy!!


Courtney Robertson said...

Love the pictures!! You looked so cute in all your green - please keep the nail color... I really think its you :)

GranDeb said...

Sounds like your Halloween was so fun!!!

And Anthony, you are right....gangstas don't tuck their t-shirts in their undies....


Michelle said...

We had so much fun!! Loved "gang" green and seeing Anthony as a gangster! Thanks for emailing the pics.