Friday, November 13, 2009

Busy, but not blog-worthy...

Have you ever had one of those weeks (or two in a row to be exact) where you are incredibly busy but for some reason there's nothing of HUGE importance or signifcance going on?

Well, that's been me the last two weeks (ie- nothing to blog about)... Not that there hasn't been wonderfully exciting things going on- Andy came in town, Michelle came in town (neither are boring!), Jill had her first birthday (can't believe she's that old!), Michelle and Scott's sweet friends stayed with us, dinner with Mom and Michelle Monday night, I went to the SHS volleyball game on Tuesday (Stratford, oh Stratford, forever we'll honor you), and we had the Medina Children's Home dinner last night with Auntie Karen and Uncle Steve.

Like I said, I could blog about the little things, but most of the excitement really isn't MY story to blog about... Jill's first birthday- well, that's up to Jenn... Michelle coming in town- that's up to her... Get it? So, while we've been very busy (and very blessed to be busy with such wonderful things and people), I feel pretty lame blogging about stuff that's not mine...

That's all.... I'm tired... Can you tell it's Friday?


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GranDeb said...

Ohhhh, poor Courty! I know you are totally worn out!! But it is always fun to hear your version of other people's are the best at story telling!!! I know quiet time is sometimes much needed in life....even in blogging..hahaha
Love you!!!