Monday, October 5, 2009

What a Weekend!

What a great weekend! But man, I'm exhausted from it!!!

Friday was our school carnival. Being at a new school this year, I wasn't exactly sure what this was going to be like. First of all, the kids were NUTS all day Friday! Holy cow! By 3:00 I was more than happy to release them to the craziness of the fair! And I had a GREAT time hunting down my kids and cracking confetti eggs on their heads- I definitely got more pleasure cracking on particular students... heehee Anyway, it was fun because my parents brought Owen and of course the Hylands were there.

Here is Owen shooting disappearing ink at me!

Poor Jill just out from all the excitement!

As much fun as the festival was, Anthony and I left at 7:30 Friday night to drive to Dallas for the weekend. It only takes about 3 1/2 hours to get to Dallas for us which is bearable- but then getting out to Southlake where his parents live is another hour! Don't get me wrong- we LOOOVE visiting them, but every time we make that drive I try to remember to fly the next time! Anyway, we ended up getting in around 12 Friday night. I'm pretty sure we were asleep in about 15 minutes!

Saturday morning we met the Iveys (Anthony's sister Andrea and her husband Mike) for shopping and lunch. Then we headed back to the house to take the Christmas card picture! It ended up sooo cute! I won't post it and ruin Andy and Brenda's card, but it turned out great!

After the pic, we headed to Arlington for the big A&M/Arkansas game! The new Cowboys Stadium was incredible! I had seen pictures, but they don't do it justice (because of that fact I took none- well, that and the fact that the Aggies STUNK!)... The screen really is THAT BIG... It was pretty awsesome! We tailgated with Anthony's work friends before and several of my friends stopped by... It was a great time even though it started raining!

Here we are outside the stadium... HUGE!

So back to the game- yes we stunk. The end. On a bright note- we sat with Anthony's parents and my best friend Cara and her husband Jarod, so that was at least fun! :)  

We left early (in the fourth quarter!) and had to walk what felt like 4 miles to get to our car (we parked so far away because that was the cheapest parking we could find- $25!)... Mind you that we are walking the seemingly 4 miles in the POURING rain... not just drizzles- I mean RAIN! Ugh... We were going to meet some of Anthony's friends afterwards, but due to the fact that we were so awful and now DRENCHED, we headed back to Southlake and fell asleep in our cozy warm DRY clothes! :)

Sunday we got to have breakfast with Ant's parents which was so nice and then drive home in the- yes you guessed it- pouring rain!

It was a fast and furious weekend, but a great one! It was so fun to visit with the Squillantes/Iveys all weekend!! Now if only I could get rested for the rest of this week!  :)

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GranDeb said...

The Fall Festival was super fun! It was hilarious watching all your precious students come up with strategies for pegging you with confetti eggs and/or disappearing ink guns!!!

Glad you got to see JerryLand...good for you and Anthony for not paying the $75 on grounds parking fee!! Sheesh!