Friday, October 16, 2009

Little Surprises

One of my VERY favorite things about being a pet owner is having my little buddies follow me ALL OVER the house. I am never alone! I move to the computer room- they follow. I move to the kitchen- guess who's right behind me? I absolutely LOVE this and think it's just precious that they are my little followers. I mean, what do they do all day when I'm gone?

Going along with this title, here are two pictures of the places I found them. In this one, I got out of the shower and found my little surprise! Oh my gosh, it was just the cutest thing ever! I stinkin' love these guys!!!

Here is my next little surprise. I started up the computer to do some stuff yesterday. As it was booting up, I went into the kitchen to get some water. I came back in to login, and this is what I found!

I know I'm kind of a loser about my pets- but I seriously LOVE them! Anyone who knows me understands that I love animals (excluding emus- that's a whole other topic) and kids more than most things in the world. If I could live in a world of animals I think I would be perfectly happy! Remember in Ace Ventura when he comes into the house and sings and all the animals start coming to him?? That is seriously one of my biggest fantasies! hahaha

Ok, enough... It's Friday and I'm tired... Have a wonderful weekend!  :)

1 comment:

GranDeb said...

Courty -
You are seriously such an animal lover!!!
And I know how much your babies LOVE you!!! In fact, so do the animals at my house!!!
I think we seriously missed on naming you....shoulda been
'Courtney Doolittle Moriarty Squillante'!!
(try fitting that into an application!!) haha