Monday, October 19, 2009

I Need a New Team!

So, apparently I am bad luck...

ALL of the teams I cheer for really STINK!!!

A&M got blown out of the stadium this weekend by the WORST team in the Big 12!

The Astros- when is the last time they made the post-season??

The Rockets- what happened to TWOSTON?

I had SUCH high hopes for them this year- they are OK, but not great by any means...

So, I decided, let's start cheering for the teams I'm NOT a big fan of. Maybe they will be bad and my teams will start to be good... No? Ehhh, it's worth a shot- Go Yankees, Go Lakers, Go Cowboys, and Hook 'em!
Just kidding- Love you Michelle and Tony!  :)



GranDeb said...

Hey! How 'bout the Rice Owls!!! Oh wait...they've been on the skids too...bless their hearts!!!


Michelle said...

Haha I love it :)