Friday, October 30, 2009

Ella LOVES Brett Favre

So I realize that MOST of the country hates Brett Favre, but there are a few out there that still love him- including our kitty...

She LOVES to watch TV- but last night Mr. Favre caught her attention more than usual! I took this picture and I think it's hysterical!

Happy Halloween!!!


GranDeb said...

Yea Ella! I love Brett Favre too!

And p.s. Ella just likes the Levi jeans he advertises....hahaha....good scratching post material!!


Jenn Michael said...

That is so funny Court!! We are fans of Brett too..... Nate got stuck w him as his fantasy QB but he has done pretty well for him so far:)

Michelle said...

A. Most of the country does not hate Brett Favre!!!!! It's only a couple of million dumb people out there.
B. I KNEW that I loved Ella!!! She's the coolest pet ever!!! I would have been right there with her watching that commercial!