Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Austin County Fair!

Starting my sophomore year of college, a group of friends would always travel to Bellville in October for the Austin County Fair! It's everything you would expect of a small town fair- loads of fun, amazingly horrible food, great people, and awesome country music! I was counting and I'm pretty sure that this is either my 7th or 8th year to go!

Anthony and I took my oldest nephew Jake on Saturday and visited one of my best friends from college Jill. She was SUCH a great hostess and showed us around. We picked the ONE cold day so far to go, and of course, brought no jackets! I was VERY chilly needless to say, but it was super fun anyway. We rode rides (well, I didn't, but Jake and sweet Uncle Tony did), ate delicious food, and visited all the livestock- gotta love cow smells! We also saw the Baby Chicks (thought of you Tina!) and Jake was VERY upset he couldn't bring a baby duck home! His mother would have KILLED me!

It was a really fun time and I took a few pics to capture the night!

Anthony and Jake waiting in line for their ride!

What a good uncle! hahaha

Sweet Jill and me!

Jake and me

We had so much fun! Thanks Jill for showing us around, thanks Jenn for lending your kid, and thanks Tony for being a good sport! :)

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GranDeb said...

Awwwww! Those are great pics! Jake is such a fun loving little kid! He was very excited to go with you and Uncle Tony!!