Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Silly Ella!

My family has had a lot of cats in our time and I just LOVE them! We haven't had a kitten around in a while though, so I had forgotten the CUTE stuff that they do! I love how playful they are, the amount that they snuggle... I had also forgotten all the funny ways they sleep! Oh my gosh, Ella keeps us CRACKING up with the places she lands! I love it! Here are some pictures of her funny spots... Enjoy!

Under the blanket
On my bed with her brother!
All stretched out!
Under the desk with Tex
Covering her eyes!
In the toy basket
On her toy- she woke up as I was taking it!
In my Target bag on my new pants- she has great taste!
My favorite- are you kidding me?!

We are having so much fun with this little girl!  :)


Justin and Julie said...

I love the one of her sleeping with Tex- that's too sweet! You should enter that into a photo contest!

Jennifer said...

Those are awesome!

GranDeb said...

I freaking love that little kitty!!! And of course big boy Tex!!! xoxoxox