Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Too Funny

So I taught my students a song about the Water Cycle. It is to the tune of "If You're Happy and You Know It" and it goes like this:

Water travels in a cycle yes it does
Water travels in a cycle yes it does
It goes up as evaporation
Forms clouds as condensation
Then falls down as precipitation
Yes it does!

So I told my kids if they memorized the song and could sing it to me, I would give them a ticket (we give tickets as rewards in second grade). Yesterday two of my boys told me they wanted to sing the song for me. So they start belting it out. Here is their version:

Water travels in a cycle yes it does

Water travels in a cycle yes it does
It goes up as evaporation
Forms clouds as constipation
Then falls down as precipitation
Yes it does!

I about fell over laughing... But I didn't want to hurt their feelings, so I tried to keep a straight face until they walked away. SOOOO funny!

PS- they DID get their ticket! :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

You Never Knew How Important Your Jaw Was Until...

You couldn't use it anymore!

Oh my! VERY VERY long story short, I woke up one morning and my teeth in the back were not touching anymore. After spending 5 1/2 hours at a TMJ specialist and a RIDICULOUS amount of money, we got my jaw back to ALMOST normal. I would say it's about 90% there. There is still a tiny bit of pain and my teeth don't touch quite as well as they did before, but hey, I'll take what I can get at this point!

I can't even begin to explain how awful it was not being able to eat/chew normally! I got Mexican Food one night- oh  my gosh it was so disappointing! My teeth couldn't chew the chips because they were too thin, and I was just so bummed! They wanted me on a liquid diet but that was NOT happening!

Anyway, thanks SO much to everyone for your prayers for a quick recovery! 5 days after my teeth couldn't touch they were able to touch again! Woohoo!!

That's why there have been minimal updates from me lately- the pain and time I am spending at the dentist is crazy!

Happy Monday!

PS- Can you believe it's almost October?!?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Silly Ella!

My family has had a lot of cats in our time and I just LOVE them! We haven't had a kitten around in a while though, so I had forgotten the CUTE stuff that they do! I love how playful they are, the amount that they snuggle... I had also forgotten all the funny ways they sleep! Oh my gosh, Ella keeps us CRACKING up with the places she lands! I love it! Here are some pictures of her funny spots... Enjoy!

Under the blanket
On my bed with her brother!
All stretched out!
Under the desk with Tex
Covering her eyes!
In the toy basket
On her toy- she woke up as I was taking it!
In my Target bag on my new pants- she has great taste!
My favorite- are you kidding me?!

We are having so much fun with this little girl!  :)

Friday, September 11, 2009


Can you believe it's been 8 years since the attacks of 9/11? It's crazy to think that it's been that long since our airports have had that "weird" security thing or that I was awoken by Instant Messages on AIM (yes AIM, not g-chat!) telling me to get up and turn on the TV. They always say that when something significant happens you will never forget where you were or what you were doing that day. I had always heard people say this about the day JFK was shot or of the attack on Pearl Harbor. While I didn't believe all those grown ups that told me that (c'mon, grown ups don't know anything!), it now rings so true with 9/11.

I recently was sent some pictures of that day- the men and women jumping out of the top floors of the WTC, the words "Let's Roll" being embedded in our minds with a whole new meaning, and the picture of the American Flag draped over the Pentagon. Those thoughts and images are rarely with me on a day to day basis- I mean, I have lots of things going on in my life (this is being said with HEAVY sarcasm). But on a day like today, it's good for us to remember those who think about it EVERY day of their lives.

Let's remember the wives who lost husbands, the kids who lost fathers and mothers, the parents who lost children... You know THEY are never too busy to remember that day. And let us also remember the number of men and women who sacrifice their lives on a DAILY basis fighting for our freedom and the freedom of so many others around this world. Whether or not you are supportive of the wars going on across the world, we MUST be supportive of those who dedicate their time and lives to doing this for us. We have to remember that the "soldiers" our media so often refer to are moms and dads, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters. Sometimes I believe we don't do enough to humanize these "soldiers." They are considered this "thing" that we are so quick to judge and forget. What if it was YOUR husband that was over there? What if it was YOUR sister? Let's not forget these brave heroes who work so hard and take so much.

My old church, West Houston Church of Christ, just started a new ministry called "Hearts for our Heroes." My aunt and a group of other believing women realized how sometimes these brave men and women are forgotten. They have developed a group of people to gather care package items, and formed prayer groups to take care of our heroes. Here is the video that they are showing at church to introduce the congregation to their new ministry and remind everyone of the members at the church who have loved ones that are away.

I know that my posts are not usually serious or political or anything other than silly ramblings. But this is something I feel so strongly about. Ever since my sweet cousin Kelli's husband Mark left for Afghanistan, this military world has taken on a whole new meaning to me. I see how hard it is for her to have her new husband gone- and I see how positive she stays the whole time!

In honor of 9/11, let's pause for a moment to remember those whose lives were lost, and those who are fighting for the lives of others.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Long Lost Friend

Aggieland... Oh how I've missed you...

You know the saying "Absence makes the heart grow fonder"? Well, it's true! I have totally missed Aggieland! We went up this weekend for the season opener (thanks Auntie Karen and Uncle Steve!) and enjoyed watching A&M beat up on New Mexico! We got to sit with Courtney and Justin and Jack, and had such a great time!

I have forgotten how much I love it there. The people are all so friendly and fun and wonderful. The campus brought back so many memories (even though it's very different now!). And the football game was great! It holds such a special place in my heart- it's where I met my amazing husband, found my very best friends, and had the time of my life! It's sad to think that I will never get to experience it again from that perspective, but the memories I have will last forever! 

Thursday, September 3, 2009


So I realize that I really haven't posted much lately- it's because I'm SOOOO tired from teaching that I don't do ANYTHING anymore and my life is SUPER LAME!

Sorry for the boring- that's all I got...   :)