Monday, August 17, 2009

It's Been a While!

I know it's been a while since the last entry... I guess that's what happens when you have a JOB. I went back to work on THURSDAY last week! I can't believe it's already that time!

I have been so excited to get to know all of the people at my new school. The morale of the campus is so high- why wouldn't it be? It's an AMAZING school! I am so blessed to be at such an incredible campus. My team is awesome and we are planning away! NEGATIVE- we aren't actually at the school yet! Rummel Creek had major renovations going on this summer and of course, the school isn't ready yet. I'm in a TEENY bit of a panic mode- I haven't even seen my new classroom and setting it up in a couple days this week SCARES me! I know that it will all be ok and at least we're all in the same boat!

After a couple days of work I was glad to see Friday afternoon! Before Anthony and I grabbed dinner we had some surprise visitors! The Robertsons came over and we got to watch Jack walking around everywhere! He also met Ella for the first time and she LOVED him!!!! She just followed him around everywhere! Tex was also trying to get in on the action- poor Jack was bombarded with animals! I will post pics later... :)

Saturday we got to have dinner with some old college friends! Lauren Waterfield, Melissa Ruffino, Courtney Cargill, Courtney Robertson, Jake Waldrop, Anthony and me all met up at Escalante's for dinner! All of us lived in a cul-de-sac our senior year of college together. It was so fun to reunite and tell old college stories! We laughed so loud we definitely had some onlookers at the restaurant!

Sunday was a typical day for us- church, lunch/hanging out with my family, and then walking Tex up to the dog park nearby. However, a little kink was thrown into our fun Sunday! I was helping my dad put some shelves together for the playroom at my parents' house. As we finished, Dad and Anthony moved the HUGE bookcase into the playroom. As they were moving it, Dad started yelling because he RIPPED HIS TOENAIL off!!!!! Oh my gosh, it was AWFUL! I took a picture but WILL NOT post it- it's DISGUSTING! Anthony drove him up to the corner clinic where he got three stitches under the toenail, and then another stitch to reattach the nail to the nail bed. YUCK!

That sums up our weekend. I PROMISE I will try to be a better blogger now that I'm working again... I still have LOTS to catch you up on! :)

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lauren said...

OMG I just almost threw up reading about your dad's toenail, that seriously gives me the chills! So fun seeing you on Saturday!!