Monday, August 10, 2009

California.... Knows How to Party...

Anthony and I just got back from an incredible extended weekend in Cali! We went to visit Michelle and watch her play in the Hermosa Beach AVP Tournament. We had such an amazing time!

We got in late Wednesday night and the whole gang (Michelle, Mom, and Dad) all came to pick us up at the airport. Not gonna lie, I was chilly! What a change from the 104 degree heat we left behind. I was a little hungry (and we all know that I get grouchy with no food) so we stopped at Pinkberry to get a snack! Yum! We headed back to Michelle's and visited and fell asleep so we could all be ready for her games on Thursday.

Thursday morning we headed down to the beach. We plopped on Michelle's court, lathered up on sunscreen, and started watching some volleyball. Michelle did great that morning and they won! Yay! After about an hour or so we watched her second match which was still great, but they lost. Bummer. So they were out. Dang. BUT, we did have a good time watching other games and chit chatting with some fun old friends. The beach was amazing. The sand is SUPER deep and there is always a cool breeze blowing in. You don't even realize that you are getting any sun, but you are! Thank goodness us whities (mainly Anthony! ha) reapplied our sunscreen. Dad didn't end up so well- he was fried!

Michelle's 1st Game
Playing on the Beach!

We all headed back and changed and showered and went to Scott's baseball game. He didn't play, but it was fun to sit out in the cool air (with our sweatshirts) and watch some baseball. We hung out that night and laid low, but it was so fun visiting with Michelle and Scott.

Attempting to find a late dinner for Scott

Friday we got up and went to breakfast outside at Martha's. It was so good and SUCH a great feeling to sit in the cool air with sun on our backs! Then we went to the AVP tourney which was in FULL swing! There were people everywhere and Anthony loved all the hooplah (sp?) surrounding it! There were tents set up all over giving out free things, and others selling stuff. We both made a stop at the $5 sunglass place- it's awesome! And then Anthony was so impressed with the Power Balance that we bought the place out! We watched some volleyball from the VIP tent (thanks Al!) and then met Anthony's great aunt, Thelma, and her husband Lou, for lunch in Manhattan Beach. They have lived there for 40 years after Thelma left her little Iowa town and are enjoying every minute of it! We absolutely adore Thelma and were SOOOO glad we got to see her! We came back and watched some more vball (sitting VERY close to Misty May- she's still recovering from her Achilles surgery after Dancing With the Stars). We got to see Kerri Walsh play and even saw her precious three month old son. BTW- Kerry was in her teeny bikini and had the flattest stomach- definitely did NOT look like someone who had a newborn! Ugh...

Enjoying our view from the VIP tent!

Another view from the VIP tent... Right over the court!
PS- Misty May is in the pink shirt!

That night we all met up and went to a yummy Italian place for dinner. We got to sit back in the wine cellar- so fun!

Us at dinner in the cellar!

The whole group at dinner!

Saturday morning Mom and Dad left so we took them to the airport then walked around Manhattan Beach for a little while. That and Hermosa Beach are the cutest little towns! They feel like small towns, but more urban of course, and they are so clean and fresh. Not to mention the weather is perfect and the houses are unreal! If only it was in Texas.... Anyway, we loved walking out on the pier and looking at the cute shops and houses. After that we went into LA! We walked up and down Rodeo Drive window shopping. We did walk into the Louis store only to be depressed that we couldn't even afford the LV handkerchief! We headed over to Beverly Blvd. to get a snack (Pinkberry of course!) and as we were sitting outside saw Dr. Burke from Grey's Anatomy (Isaiah Washington if you will!). Ant saw him and we weren't sure if it was him, so Michelle kind of "followed" him down to Subway where he went in with his PRECIOUS little girl for lunch. We "strolled" down that way and I sent Anthony in to Subway to "see if they had Dr. Pepper." He came out (Dr. Pepper-less.. I was so bummed!) and we sat outside waiting for Dr. Burke to come out. He did and we all saw him and confirmed it was him! How fun! hahahaha

Breakfast in Manhattan
Manhattan Beach Pier

Rodeo Drive

The Beverly Hills Hotel- from Troop Beverly Hills!!!!

After our little stalking experience, we headed to Hollywood's Walk of Fame and saw everyone's stars! It was neat, but crowded! We saw Michael Jackson's and I HAD to get a picture of it... It was packed and there was stuff all over it! I mean really people?! It makes me sad to see how much people are grieving his loss after leading such a strange life, but don't get me started.... We left and stopped at the BEST place for food- In N Out!!!!! DELICIOUS!

Toasting our burgers!

Chuck Norris' star!

MJ's star...

We then headed to one of my favorite parts of the whole trip- Robertson Blvd.! We walked up and down the street to all the BEST stores ever! This is a street I could live on- Rock & Republic, Seven, Kitson, Paper, Denim, and Cloth, AG, etc... I just loved it! We then sat and had some drinks and appetizers at The Ivy! Unfortunately there were no celeb spottings, but it was fun all the same! What they say about The Ivy is true- expensive and not very good... but it was DEFINITELY worth it!

We headed home and took naps- what a fun day! We went out to dinner on the Hermosa Pier that night at a yummy Mediterranean Tapas place (my fave!) and went to a little corner bar to sit and hang out on our last night. We sat outside and definitely needed the heaters!

We flew out the next morning at 7:25 and were sooo sad to leave! We had a great time visiting Michelle and seeing her little life. We always have the best time traveling with The Fam, too! The volleyball was great, company was excellent, weather perfect- what more could you ask for?! We were both definitely sad to come home...

Yay for LA! :)


Cara Jaggers said...

What a fun trip!!! I wish the cool weather would make its way to Texas!

Courtney said...

So much fun!! I love the pictures - you guys had a blast (and your In and Out burger looked to die for!!). I definitely want to make it out there sometime... so FUN

Paula said...

looks BEAUTIFUL there! too bad there weren't more celeb sightings- you were in all the right places, too!

GranDeb said...

It was a super fun trip!!! Just waaay to short....
Next summer we'll get the cottage and stay for a couple of weeks!!!
Everyone is invited!!! (=