Monday, July 13, 2009

Our Sweet Ella

Introducing the newest member of The Squillante Family, ELLA!

Ella is a ten week old blue tabby that we adopted from CAP! She is the SWEETEST thing and we just fell in love with her immediately! She is one of the most loving kittens I've ever met- she just wants to rub and love all over you and I'm pretty sure she hasn't stopped purring since we picked her up! As I'm typing this, she is actually asleep on my shoulder purring away!!

Anthony and I went to CAP Saturday to look around for my anniversary present! Ella's brother caught Anthony's eye first, and we took him out and played with him. Upon further time spent with him, he was a little too rambunctious for us! Then, we grabbed Ella and it was love at first sight/touch. She was so sweet and calm and lovey! Anthony picked her out and you can tell she loves her daddy more than anyone else!

Since we brought her home last night, she has continued to be so darn cute!! We took Tex to my parents so she could become acclimated with her new home without an excited puppy around. She quickly caught on to her surroundings, so we figured it was safe to get ol' Texer!

We brought him home and it was once again LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!

Seriously, Tex hasn't stopped following her around, and she hasn't stopped following him. So pretty much it's just walking in circles staring at each other. As soon as he came in and saw her, his tail went NUTS and she started rubbing all over him! She rubbed on his face, his tummy, and his legs, and he licked her head! It's so cute!!

So usually the first couple nights of having a new baby animal in the house is a little rough. Well, we have found the best nanny to take care of that problem- his name is Tex! Ella was wondering all over the bedroom and Tex would just follow her. Any time she would meow, he was there to see what she needed. When Anthony woke up this morning for work, Tex had his head on top of her little body. When I woke up, Ella was curled up by Tex's tummy sleeping. It's a match made in heaven!!!

Here are some more pictures and a video for your pleasure! I'm sure most aren't as excited as I am, but I love her and she has been a PURRFECT addition to our little family!! :)

Loving on Daddy :)

Playing with the big kids!

Who's dirty close is she asleep on? Her Dad's of course!!!

Here is a video meeting Aunt Sunny for the first time! Sunny is staying with us while my mom is in California this week, and Ella took to Sunny just as well as Tex! Too cute!!

PS- Ella was not originally on our top list of names. However, Anthony had a wonderful reason to name her this- let me know if you're interested! :)


Christina said...

I thought Bell..Blue I'm curious where Ella came from? Precious kitten and love the name!!! Congrats on the new addition! I love that the TWO LARGEST DOGS ever are such sweet angels to that tiny kitten, haha.

The Moriarty Family said...

OMG Ella is soooo precious!!

GranDeb said...

I freaking love little Ella!!! She is so sweet and cuddly!!! And Tex is a perfectly wonderful big brother and gentleman!! (=

Andrea said...

P.S. Ella looks very cute. I can't wait to meet her! But I think Tex and Ella cuddling is the cutest; get a picture of that one!

Michelle said...

Oh she's precious!! I am so impressed with Tex what an amazing puppy he is, being so so good with Ella!!