Monday, July 27, 2009

Good Way to Start Out...

We just had a wonderful weekend!

First of all, Anthony's first day of work was today, so I got him all to myself Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday! That definitely was a FABULOUS start to the weekend! Then, Friday night Kiki and Owen came in town because Aaron was working. I love having them in town to hang out with!

Saturday we took a little trip to The Dump to find a couch for our empty room (it's the room at the front of our house that I have been struggling with finding a purpose for. I now know what I want to do! Yay!). We found one, but I don't shop on a whim, so we didn't leave with anything! We have a good idea of what is out there now and that is definitely helpful.

Saturday afternoon The Ivey's came in town! Yay! We don't get to see them NEARLY enough and it was so great to have them for a night. Tex is OBSESSED with Andrea and Mike! He especially loved licking Mike's feet and pretty much wouldn't leave them alone EVER. Ella too! She joined in on the fun. This was good practice because Andrea has been begging Mike for a dog, so they got to play around with ours for a while... Next up is a weekend of babysitting him I think... hahah just kidding....

That night we went to dinner at one of my FAVORITE places in town, Oporto! It's a little boutique Portuguese Tapas place and I think it's delicious! We had a good time there and then I introduced them to BERRIPOP! YUMMM.... It was just as good as I remembered from last week when I got some... hahaha... After feeling totally stuffed we went to Laff Stop (comedy club in town) and watched a couple stand-up routines. It was hilarious. For those of you who know Anthony pretty well, he's a pretty serious guy a lot of times. But when he finds something funny his laugh is pretty much the funniest/best thing I have ever heard. I LOOOOVE when Ant gets tickled by something! And this definitely did it! He was laughing so hard and it made me have so much fun!!

Sunday was church as usual and we loved introducing Mike and Andrea to our class that we love SO MUCH. We had a birthday party for my oldest sister Jennifer, took Tex to the dog park, and parked it on the couch the rest of the evening. It was a great weekend and a great way for Anthony to start his new job- refreshed!

We love our families so much and are so blessed to have such wonderful relationships with everyone!

Here is the ONLY pic from the weekend that I got- and it's stinkin' blurry! It's the four of us at Laff Stop... ahhhh... oh well...

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Anonymous said...

Courtney I love reading your blog! You sound like you are an awesome wife!
your aunt Lynn