Friday, July 31, 2009

Camp CoCo

So this week my nephew Jake has been at daycamp every day. This leaves his little brother Josh a little frustrated that he has no camp to go to. So his wonderful grandma, GranDeb, decided to let Josh attend Camp GranDeb a couple days! They played Scrabble and games and had a good time. Well, GranDeb went to Austin last night to be with the Fountains and Josh was bummed that camp was over. Insert Camp CoCo!

Today Josh attended Camp CoCo! I picked him up and we went to the Children's Museum. Sidenote- Houston has an incredible Children's Museum. They have added a TON of new stuff this summer, and I have been dying to see it! So we went and had a GREAT time together! On the way home we stopped for some Chick-fil-A (yum!), took a detour by the Waterwall, and topped it off with some yogurt from Berripop! DELICIOUS!

Josh was falling asleep on the way home and Auntie CoCo definitely came home and laid down for about twenty minutes! I have got to get my kid stamina back up before school starts! Yikes!

It was such a fun day and I love spending some good QT with my sweet nephews! Here are some pics of the day....

Which is the real Josh?? haha Fun with mirrors!

Chef Josh! This was his FAVORITE part!

Waterwall. What a sweet little boy!


Leah said...

He looks like he could be your kid! Nephews are the best. :)

Justin and Julie said...

WOW! I LOVE the Children's Museum, and the waterfall photo is beautiful! Looks like Camp Coco was a great success!

GranDeb said...

Awwwww! Those pictures are awesome!!! He is such a great little boy!!!