Friday, July 31, 2009

Camp CoCo

So this week my nephew Jake has been at daycamp every day. This leaves his little brother Josh a little frustrated that he has no camp to go to. So his wonderful grandma, GranDeb, decided to let Josh attend Camp GranDeb a couple days! They played Scrabble and games and had a good time. Well, GranDeb went to Austin last night to be with the Fountains and Josh was bummed that camp was over. Insert Camp CoCo!

Today Josh attended Camp CoCo! I picked him up and we went to the Children's Museum. Sidenote- Houston has an incredible Children's Museum. They have added a TON of new stuff this summer, and I have been dying to see it! So we went and had a GREAT time together! On the way home we stopped for some Chick-fil-A (yum!), took a detour by the Waterwall, and topped it off with some yogurt from Berripop! DELICIOUS!

Josh was falling asleep on the way home and Auntie CoCo definitely came home and laid down for about twenty minutes! I have got to get my kid stamina back up before school starts! Yikes!

It was such a fun day and I love spending some good QT with my sweet nephews! Here are some pics of the day....

Which is the real Josh?? haha Fun with mirrors!

Chef Josh! This was his FAVORITE part!

Waterwall. What a sweet little boy!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Braggin' on my man...

Click here to read an article in FORBES on Ant's new position!

Pretty awesome! I am so proud of you, Anthony!!

Random Tuesday Night in Houston...

Last night my mom and I went to the HARRY POTTER FEAST! "What is that?" you might ask... Well let me just tell you... it's one of my favorite things EVER!

Alamo Drafthouse is a movie theater in Houston and Austin (and maybe SA?) that serves food and beverages while you watch the movie. While I understand this is no "new concept," it's a really cool, laid back atmosphere. So several years ago (almost four to be exact), the original Alamo Drafthouse in Austin had a Harry Potter Feast for the 2nd movie's premiere. They served pumpkin soup (in a carved out pumpkin!), butterbeer, chocolate frogs (not really, they were just chocolates in the shape of frogs), and all kinds of other things from the book that the kids at Hogwarts eat! The food was phenomenal (seriously, even though it WAS from a movie theater!) and they paired wines with each of the five courses. It was seriously awesome. Being huge HP fans, my mom, and Kiki and Aaron, and I TOTALLY loved it!

So we haven't been to or even HEARD of another HP feast until this year! The cool Alamo Drafthouse in Austin had one (of course!) and Kiki and Aaron went. My mom and I were totally bummed that a)Houston didn't have one and b)we didn't go to the one in Austin! Then, on Monday night, Mom got an email from Alamo Drafthouse (the newsletter) that said they were having an HP Feast the NEXT DAY! We QUICKLY purchased tickets and were PUMPED!!!

Fast forward to last night....

When we went in Austin peeps lined up at LEAST an hour before (gen admission) to get good seats. So my mom and I decided we better get there early. It started at 7:30, so I got to her house at 6:05 and we were at the theater by 6:20! Woohoo! We walk in to get in "line" and we walk RIGHT IN to the theater (still wondering why there is no line...). Well, apparently the rest of Houston wasn't quite as excited as we were about the HP Feast, so we were the second couple in the theater. No worries, we got our pick of the seats! hahahah We waited an hour and some others trickled in. This was nothing NEARLY as crowded as Austin, but I still have faith it will catch on here...

The chef came out before the show and explained the menu. The first one we went to had all sorts of Hogwarts cuisine. The one this summer in Austin had British food. Our menu was looking a little confusing- not a trace of either one of those things... So the chef comes out and tells how he was "inspired" to do the menu- magically of course!

The first course was Spiced Red Pepper Soup in a spoon. The soup was DELICIOUS (it was about two bites worth) and was in one of those big soup spoons. The outside of the soup had firmed up some, so as you bit into it all kinds of flavors came out (kind of like a gusher). YUM. The second course was a shrimp ceviche which was delicious. The magic in this is he cooked it while keeping it cold, so that in itself is pretty fun! The third course was MY FAVORITE- caprese salad. Where is the magic in this?! Well, in addition to the traditional caprese salad (mozzarella and tomatoes for those of you who don't know), he took a ball of mozzarella and injected roasted garlic AIR into it and blew it up like a balloon! You seriously had to pop it and then you could eat it! It was SOOOOOOOO good! The fourth course was salmon (same cold cooking theory) with mango caviar and coleslaw- delicious. And the dessert was my SECOND favorite thing. It was a chocolate and strawberry trifle which was TO DIE FOR, with pop rocks all over! So as you ate, you had fireworks going off in your mouth! SOOOOO fun!! Not only was the movie great, the food was OUTSTANDING. This guy needs to open up a real restaurant...

Anyway, I'm sure most of you aren't so excited about the fun food that I ate, but SOME of you might be so I wanted to share! I wish I was a cool chef like that guy....

Thanks, Mom for a fun Tuesday night!

PS- this was our SECOND time to see the move together! We loved it!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Good Way to Start Out...

We just had a wonderful weekend!

First of all, Anthony's first day of work was today, so I got him all to myself Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday! That definitely was a FABULOUS start to the weekend! Then, Friday night Kiki and Owen came in town because Aaron was working. I love having them in town to hang out with!

Saturday we took a little trip to The Dump to find a couch for our empty room (it's the room at the front of our house that I have been struggling with finding a purpose for. I now know what I want to do! Yay!). We found one, but I don't shop on a whim, so we didn't leave with anything! We have a good idea of what is out there now and that is definitely helpful.

Saturday afternoon The Ivey's came in town! Yay! We don't get to see them NEARLY enough and it was so great to have them for a night. Tex is OBSESSED with Andrea and Mike! He especially loved licking Mike's feet and pretty much wouldn't leave them alone EVER. Ella too! She joined in on the fun. This was good practice because Andrea has been begging Mike for a dog, so they got to play around with ours for a while... Next up is a weekend of babysitting him I think... hahah just kidding....

That night we went to dinner at one of my FAVORITE places in town, Oporto! It's a little boutique Portuguese Tapas place and I think it's delicious! We had a good time there and then I introduced them to BERRIPOP! YUMMM.... It was just as good as I remembered from last week when I got some... hahaha... After feeling totally stuffed we went to Laff Stop (comedy club in town) and watched a couple stand-up routines. It was hilarious. For those of you who know Anthony pretty well, he's a pretty serious guy a lot of times. But when he finds something funny his laugh is pretty much the funniest/best thing I have ever heard. I LOOOOVE when Ant gets tickled by something! And this definitely did it! He was laughing so hard and it made me have so much fun!!

Sunday was church as usual and we loved introducing Mike and Andrea to our class that we love SO MUCH. We had a birthday party for my oldest sister Jennifer, took Tex to the dog park, and parked it on the couch the rest of the evening. It was a great weekend and a great way for Anthony to start his new job- refreshed!

We love our families so much and are so blessed to have such wonderful relationships with everyone!

Here is the ONLY pic from the weekend that I got- and it's stinkin' blurry! It's the four of us at Laff Stop... ahhhh... oh well...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Year of Change

Going along with all things "change" this year, The Squillantes have encountered another change in our lives.

Anthony just resigned his position at Jackson & Cooksey for another job. He has worked there for 4 years and has done incredibly well. It has taught him so much and afforded our family so many wonderful memories. However, another position was presented to him and after many months of fervent prayer and careful consideration, he decided the best move for him and our family was to accept a position with Stream Realty. We are so excited about the new change for him and know that God's plan is truly amazing. We will miss our Jackson & Cooksey friends, but also know that it is time to move on.

Please continue to pray for this new chapter in our lives. I have no doubt that Anthony will do incredible things at Stream, too!

Monday, July 20, 2009

What Does That Mean?

So, my darling husband really wanted me to post HOW he came up with the name Ella. He's been asking me to do it for about a week, and after the WONDERFUL weekend that he treated me to (more on that later), I figured that was the least I could do for him!

So... Ella is short for ELLAphant. She's gray and tiny (obviously opposite of a HUGE elephant) so we thought that was cute. Actually, that's the second reason for her name. The first is still in line with ELLAphant, but it's really because Anthony and I are proud to be Republicans and happy to represent something we believe in. Seeing as how the elephant is the symbol of the Repubs, we thought Ella was SUPER cute and sounded MUCH better than GOP as her name! We love Texas so much we named our dog Tex, and now we have our little Ella to represent another belief. You might be getting a LITTLE nervous about what we will name our kids... Jesus maybe? Hmmm... possibly. Just kidding...

Here are two more pictures of our sweet Ella. She is finally starting to sleep a little bit better through the night. We still have to lock her out for a little while, but she is definitely acclimated to her new home and loves her big brother Tex! She actually has worn him out!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

It's been 2 years today since I married my wonderful husband. God answered my prayers and delivered someone to me I could have never imagined. Anthony is the man of my dreams. How did I get so lucky?!

I can't believe how fast these two years have flown by! We have already made some absolutely amazing memories- I am so excited to see what the future holds! I love you, Ant!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Our Sweet Ella

Introducing the newest member of The Squillante Family, ELLA!

Ella is a ten week old blue tabby that we adopted from CAP! She is the SWEETEST thing and we just fell in love with her immediately! She is one of the most loving kittens I've ever met- she just wants to rub and love all over you and I'm pretty sure she hasn't stopped purring since we picked her up! As I'm typing this, she is actually asleep on my shoulder purring away!!

Anthony and I went to CAP Saturday to look around for my anniversary present! Ella's brother caught Anthony's eye first, and we took him out and played with him. Upon further time spent with him, he was a little too rambunctious for us! Then, we grabbed Ella and it was love at first sight/touch. She was so sweet and calm and lovey! Anthony picked her out and you can tell she loves her daddy more than anyone else!

Since we brought her home last night, she has continued to be so darn cute!! We took Tex to my parents so she could become acclimated with her new home without an excited puppy around. She quickly caught on to her surroundings, so we figured it was safe to get ol' Texer!

We brought him home and it was once again LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!

Seriously, Tex hasn't stopped following her around, and she hasn't stopped following him. So pretty much it's just walking in circles staring at each other. As soon as he came in and saw her, his tail went NUTS and she started rubbing all over him! She rubbed on his face, his tummy, and his legs, and he licked her head! It's so cute!!

So usually the first couple nights of having a new baby animal in the house is a little rough. Well, we have found the best nanny to take care of that problem- his name is Tex! Ella was wondering all over the bedroom and Tex would just follow her. Any time she would meow, he was there to see what she needed. When Anthony woke up this morning for work, Tex had his head on top of her little body. When I woke up, Ella was curled up by Tex's tummy sleeping. It's a match made in heaven!!!

Here are some more pictures and a video for your pleasure! I'm sure most aren't as excited as I am, but I love her and she has been a PURRFECT addition to our little family!! :)

Loving on Daddy :)

Playing with the big kids!

Who's dirty close is she asleep on? Her Dad's of course!!!

Here is a video meeting Aunt Sunny for the first time! Sunny is staying with us while my mom is in California this week, and Ella took to Sunny just as well as Tex! Too cute!!

PS- Ella was not originally on our top list of names. However, Anthony had a wonderful reason to name her this- let me know if you're interested! :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Riley is Here!

Our wonderful friends, The Grahams, just had their sweet baby girl, Riley on Monday! We were fortunate enough to get to see her last night, and OHMYGOSH! She is the TINIEST, cutest thing!

Michelle had a rough pregnancy (gestational diabetes- lots of pricking and testing and watching what she ate), but had a super smooth delivery! Riley came into this world on Monday and was only 5 lbs. 7 oz. and 18 in. long! Teeny by Moriarty Family standards!!! :)

Michelle looks incredible and Clay is the cutest, doting Daddy! How fun!! Here are some pics of everyone!

Me, Michelle, Riley, Anthony

Michelle and Riley

Clay and Riley

Sweet Baby Riley

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Picture Updates

So I just received some pics from my mom and I HAD to post them!!

Last Thursday my mom and I met Auntie Karen, Kelli, and MeeMaw for lunch before Kelli headed back home. I'm so glad I got to see her before she left. It amazes me how strong she stays while Mark is in Afghanistan! I would be a mess and she is just the definition of strength! PS- pray hard for Mark & Co.... This is the picture of our little lunch at Ashland House- yummy!

Last week I taught my parents' dog, Sunny, a new trick! She learned how to roll over- and she just loves doing it! Who says old dogs can't learn new tricks?! This picture is me pretending to be the Dog Whisperer teaching Tex and Sunny tricks!

Yesterday we went to Splashtown for Jake's 8th birthday! I can't believe that child is already 8 years old! Cheesy, but I definitely remember waiting in the hospital for him to arrive! What a sweet little boy he has become! Back to Splashtown- Jake brought three friends and I had so much fun going down some rides with them! I was definitely the scaredy cat of the group, but these 8 year olds can put some peer pressure on you to perform! These kids will all be at my school next year!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Feeling So Patriotic

I LOVE the 4th of July! It is one of my FAVORITE holidays to celebrate! I LOVE red, white, and blue... I LOVE how for one day most people put their differences aside and celebrate the wonder of our country... I LOVE fireworks.... I LOVE spending time with family and friends... I LOVE being in a body of water while it's hot outside.... I LOVE grilling out... and I LOVE parades! This weekend had it all and it was a great one!

Anthony and I headed up to Austin to hang out with The Fountains for the weekend. We just love their company and had an absolutely wonderful time.

We went to Barton Springs Friday morning in the 67 degree water- AHHHH! It was cold, but felt great! We swam in their pool the rest of the day and had some DELICIOUS steaks and pasta that night!

Saturday we went to the neighborhood parade and then came back for a dip in the pool. I seriously love lounging in a pool listening to good country music... a little Eli Young, CCR, Pat Green- so great! We had a little fish fry (yes I ate fish!) that night and it was yummy! We went over to Town Lake (I know it's supposed to be Lady Bird, but I refuse to call it that!) and watched the fireworks as the Austin Symphony played in the background... how wonderful!!!

The weekend was perfect and just what we needed! Thanks, Fountains for all the fun!! :)

Owen and me sharing a milkshake!

At the parade on the firetruck!
The Fountains at the parade!

Anthony and me at Town Lake waiting for the show!

True America... a snowcone on the 4th of July!

The Fountains waiting for the show!

The fireworks!

All the meanwhile... Tex is at Grandeb's watching TV! :)