Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

So after much consideration, I have started a blog!

Let me start off by saying that I will have nothing exciting to write about for a while- no babies and I'm not one for witty political remarks. This is purely for self gratification due to the fact that I am a blog stalker, and to let others know what is going on at the Squillante household. I will also remind everyone that Anthony will really have no part in the blogging process- I'm not sure if he'll even read it! haha

As the title reads, today is my birthday! The big 2-7! (Thank you, mother, for birthing me on this date 27 years ago...) So for my birthday, I decided to create this little baby!

My birthday started a couple weeks ago when Anthony and I decided to head to the mall to find some running shoes (I figured out what he was going to get me!). He wanted to pick them out alone. When I realized that he was a little off on my shoe size, I decided it would be best for me to go WITH him! So I picked out my present and it's been sitting in the closet until this morning.
Sidenote- I am one who HATES opening gifts before my big day! When your birthday comes, it's so anti-climatic (sp?) to have nothing to open! So anyway, that started the birthday giddiness! Thursday night, Michelle finally came BACK in town from Europe (about time! I missed you!!!), and we did birthdays with the Hylands since they were off to Disney World for a week and would miss our big day! We ate pizza and the nephews all sang Happy Birthday to us (Mom's is 4/26, Michelle's 4/29 and mine is 4/30- busy April!). Josh literally did a face dive into the ice cream cake- who needs a fork?!

Saturday, some of my best girlfriends were in town for Tina's baby shower.

Back at our house after dinner, Tina and Cara sang Happy Birthday to me with some DELICIOUS cupcakes Tina and Ann Marie made and gave me presents! How fun!

After a wonderful weekend, the girls left (sadly), and then it was family birthday time! Houston has had TORRENTIAL downpours, and our streets (and the Hylands' house!) have been flooded. The rain did NOT stop the Moriarty Family from celebrating, thought... We went to Taste of Texas with the parents, Grammy (yay for being in from Wisconsin during this time!), Scott and Michelle (glad Scott made it in!), and Kiki (yay for being in from Austin for all the fun!). It was SOOOO good and fun to be with them for pre-birthday fun!

Last night I met Mom, Michelle, and Scott at T'afia (soooo good if you haven't been!) for Michelle's birthday dinner. It was the PERFECT day to sit on the patio together! We celebrated birthdays there, and then I stopped at my favorite place in the world on my way home to Anthony- BERRIPOP! Berripop actually deserves a story of it's own, so I will save that for another day... mmmmm.....

I was woken up at 2:15 this morning by Anthony saying, "It's your birthday, babe! Happy Birthday!" It was sooooo sweet and I was SOOOOO excited I ALMOST couldn't fall back to sleep! Almost. I came to school this morning and my sweet kids brought me some wonderful things- candy, teddy bears, flowers, and LOTS of homemade cards- my fave!

Thanks to everyone already for the wonderful wishes! You are all wonderful! I LOVE birthdays and can't wait to see what the rest of the day has in store!!!