Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Back in December, Jay "lost" his first tooth!

And I say that tongue in cheek because I certainly wouldn't call the process of how it happened as normal or losing the teeth...

Back at his dentist appointment in early 2016, they took some X-rays and it showed Jay's permanent teeth were coming in pretty far behind his baby teeth. Then in August, they looked again and they were WAY behind the baby teeth. The dentist told us that the permanent teeth were too far back to eat up the roots, so Jay wouldn't be losing his teeth in the conventional way. He told us as soon as the permanent teeth broke the surface we needed to come in to have his teeth pulled or else they would settle too far back.

I have been watching those things like a hawk. And lo and behold, that permanent tooth popped through the beginning of December. I called the dentist's office that day and they said to come in asap.

Permanent tooth in and behind the baby teeth

Two days later we were in! I was nervous that it was going to be painful and awful for him (though I didn't project that at all to him!). I was remembering having to have teeth pulled when I was younger and I was picturing the dentist with a leg up on the table and pliers and just yanking! Maybe a little dramatic, but I was fearful.

We got to the office and they immediately put some gas on his nose and the nasty deadening stuff in his lower lip. I could tell when he started to get a little loopy and relaxed. The dentist came in and told him he was going to check out his teeth while he watched a movie on the ceiling. During that, he super sneakily gave him the shot in his lower gums. Jay had NO clue. I was AMAZED!

Gas mask

The sneaky shot. He had no clue! 

He let the shot sink in for another ten minutes or so. Meanwhile Jay was happily watching the Peanuts movie and the little girls were playing.

The dentist came back in and sat down. He said, "Jay, I'm going to try to wiggle your teeth a little." He got a piece of gaze, and "wiggled" and then handed it to the nurse. I looked at them and mouthed, "Are you going to pull them now?" and they said, "They are already out!"

I was AMAZED! It seriously took .1 second to do it and there was no tugging or anything (and those suckers were NOT loose!)!! I about fell over!

As the dentist was cleaning everything up, I told him how amazed I was! He said, "There are two things I do really really well- deadening and pulling!" And man, was he right! I have never seen anything like that! Unbelievable!

Check out the roots on those suckers!! Yowza!

Jay sat up and was fine. He HATED the numb feeling and wouldn't close his mouth or swallow or anything, but other than that, he was such a trooper. That boy never ceases to amaze me. Where a lot of kids would freak out or cry and whine, he did nothing!

Deep, deep grooves!

Back to normal and playing later! 
LOVING his new look!

It was such an easy process! I am SO thankful for our pediatric dentist! He is the very best!

Jay wrote a letter to the tooth fairy later. He was so excited for her to come that night... and she did not disappoint! Since it was his first tooth/teeth and they came out in such an odd way, he was very well taken care of  :)

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Christmas in the Country!

We had such a fun Christmas this year!

We spent Christmas in Brenham with Anthony's family. The kids (at least the big ones!) are at the PERFECT ages for Santa!

Friday as we all got into town we took Anthony's parents to the BlueBell Factory for the first time! 
Gotta show them what Brenham is really about! 

Group shot!

Friday evening Andrea and her crew got in and the cousins ran around like crazy!

Saturday (Christmas Eve!) we spent the day hanging around the ranch, playing outside, feeding the fish, and spending time together. Saturday evening we went to candlelight Christmas Eve service at a church there- it was a great little service! The church was busting at the seams filled with people and the kids thought the singing and the candles were really neat. We've done this the last few times we've done Christmas with Anthony's family and we've just really come to love it!

We got back and had Christmas Eve tamales, beans, rice, and queso. Aunt Andrea let the kids open a gift from her and then we got everyone in their PJs and read/watched Twas the Night Before Christmas. We set out cookies and milk for Santa and left carrots for the reindeer and some food on the lawn! It was so special- and the kids were getting so so excited!

Christmas Eve night all the elves got busy! I put together the Barbie dream house (oy!) and set all the kids gifts out. Anthony was putting the kids down and Molly was taking a while. Once I knew she was down I went in and woke him up- we still had lots of work to do! We got Jay's swing away set up and everything picked up and ready for the next morning.

Everyone went to bed, and Anthony and I were just up together, in our wonderful Brenham home, taking in the magic of Christmas, reveling in the gifts and blessings God has given us... It was actually a really really sweet moment. :)

The next morning was show time! Our kids were up JUST AFTER 5:00 am!!!!!!! Since we were all in the house together, we had all the kids in our room- which ended up being a good thing since they were up early. We told them they had to stay in bed until 7. At about 645 I texted Anthony's parents and sister and said we were ready to come out. Sloan was still out and they didn't want to wake her, so we just did our Santa stuff with our kids and the rest of the grown ups (minus Kelsey- she was out and didn't know the difference! Ha!).

It was SOOOO fun watching their reactions to what Santa brought them! Everyone got what they asked for- and they were all so so appreciative!

With her new Barbie Dream House!! 

Jay loving his new helmets! 

Christmas morning family shot. 

Molly got her own Barbie Dream House (mini!)

So. Many. Football. Helmets!

We ate lots of yummy breakfast and the kids played for a bit. Then we did family gifts! It's my favorite part of Christmas- I LOOOVE seeing everyone open the gifts I worked so hard to find! One of the exciting gifts was Anthony getting a basketball hoop for the ranch! So he and his dad spent a couple hours putting that together while the kids played with their new toys!

We all left the next morning... which seemed so fast!

Christmas was truly so wonderful this year. The cousins are starting to play so well together and the grown ups love hanging out too! Thankful for this wonderful family I married into!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Kelsey at 7 Months!

Unreal. We made it to SEVEN months!!!

Ok so this month was a HUGE turning point for Kelsey. She morphed into this amazing, happy, sweet, loving little baby! I don't know if it was hitting that 6 month mark, or actually getting some sleep (more on that in a sec!), but dang, she is SO much happier!!!

So, on that note....
I told Anthony all I wanted for Christmas was this particular sleep trainer lady to help us! And I was so serious. 6 months and the longest stretch of sleep I had ever gotten was 3 hours (and that was only once or twice). BRUTAL. If she had been like Molly and actually slept in our bed but just nursed all night long, I wouldn't have cared. But she was SO restless- and it was just getting worse and worse. Pure desperation led me to ask the Sleep Lady for help.

One Sunday about a month ago, I called her. We had a three hour phone consultation! Anthony says she didn't tell me anything I already didn't know. BUT, she did make me feel ok to carry it out. The reason I wanted this lady in particular was the fact that she is an anti-cry it out lady. Now, before you go jumping on that, realize that if YOU want to cry it out, I'm fine with that. I just know my limits and know that I couldn't put my baby in her bed at 7 and not come in again until 7 the next morning. I just can't do it. I'd rather wake a million times that listen to my baby scream and cry (or know that they are).

So anyway, Amanda was great. She put a lot of things into perspective and sold me on, "If she was sleeping well in your bed and you enjoyed that, I'd say, fine! Why change it? But the fact that she's fussing and not sleeping is her way of telling you that's not what she wants or needs." That was powerful to me. I was actually doing Kelsey a disservice by NOT sleep training her.

I bit the bullet two nights later and did it. And I'm not going to lie- it was basically a glorified cry it out. Basically, I was in there all night long. When she woke, I talked to her and reassured her and loved on her, but kept putting her back into her crib and helping her learn to sleep in her crib. It was the worst night ever. She cried for 40 straight minutes and I cried right there with her! Ha! But I then tried to put it in perspective... kelsey will go through worse things in her life than laying in a comfortable, warm bed with her mom sitting right next to her telling her how much she loves her while teaching her an invaluable skill. I clung to that and it helped me through.

Fast forward a month.... sleep is nowhere near perfect (she is still waking to eat 3 times a night!), but SHE IS SLEEPING IN BETWEEN THE FEEDINGS IN HER CRIB. You can tell she is happier and healthier because of it. Seriously! And putting her down is a DREAM. She goes happily and quickly. It's amazing the difference it made in her!

So, on that note, here is the rest of how she is doing at 7 months!
-Nursing about every 2.5-4 hours throughout the day. Eating solids at every chance she gets. No baby food- table food only! She's a great eater and loves to eat!
-Great job napping. I've made it a priority to get her about an hour in the morning and about 1.5-2.5 in the afternoon
-Crawling all ove the house, pulling up, going up the stairs, beginning cruising... YIKES! She is our most physical and earliest to do all of this! It's crazy to watch her because she's so petite!
-Likes to go to and play with other people for now. Loves the nursery at church because there are so many kids and toys!
-Actually seems to be the bully/agressor! She seeks out other kids and touches them, pulls up on them, etc. She of course isn't actually aggressive or mean (yet), but she really likes to engage other babies! None of the others were ever like this!
-No teeth
-Loves to talk and babble. Has mastered the /b/ sound and will occasionally thrown a /m/ sound in there! I discovered she could babble meh meh and stand up when she was crying in her crib yelling at me! Ack!
-Size 3 diapers, size 6 clothes are really getting too short! She's a very tall and very lean girl!
-Loves all of her family! Gets so happy seeing siblings, pets, daddy, cousins, grandparents... She's just become SO happy!
-Loves to crawl around and play by herself! She will entertain herself for a while now with all the freedom she has!
-Loves to put every little thing in her mouth. I've never had to watch one so closely! Yikes!
-Seems to have a sweet little raspy voice. I freaking love it! I would love for it to stay raspy forever! I think that's so cute!

I'm so pleased that she's turned over a new leaf! It makes for a happy mommy and baby!

Kelsey, we love you! We've known you had the potential to be so happy and loving and mom is so sorry she created such bad habits early on to make you miserable! We've made it better though and are loving EVERY second with you! You are my little buddy!!

Monday, December 19, 2016

The One About Thanksgiving

We hosted our second ever Thanksgiving at Squill Ranch this year! My how far we have come from last year (looking at you, uncooked turkey!).

It was our turn to spend Thanksgiving with the Moriarty Fam and everyone was excited to head out to Brenham! Some of us got there Wednesday afternoon which turned out great because it gave us time to unpack and get settled. Unfortunately, both my little girls were sick sick sick. Regardless, much fun was had by the cousins- and by the siblings and spouses too!

Thursday was spent cooking and taking care of sick littles and refereeing and playing and fishing. We had 22 people out there- that's just my immediate family.

My sickest little. Poor thing felt terrible.

How moms prep Thanksgiving meals! 

My other little sicky!

The big boy cousins brought their "retro" Nintendo 64 (what? those aren't cool anymore?!)
and a projector and played on an empty wall in the playroom!
Needless to say, my 6 year old was quite obsessed! 

The "middles" decorating the tablecloths!

Grandeb on Grandeb duty!

Crafting fun with Auntie Kiki!

All hands on deck around here! 

PawPaw always carves the turkey!

Cornhole fun! 

Probably my favorite picture from the weekend. 
It's always been a family tradition after the prayer to go around and say what we are thankful for this year. 
We are so so blessed! 

And when it was time to eat, you just ate where you could find a spot! 

Thankful for this guy!

Hard to believe they are all mine! 

We had a great Thanksgiving and were all exhausted afterwards. We still had a little in us to sneak in some fishing, hang out and visit some more, and make a fire and relax by it... well, when kids are around relax isn't the exact word I'd use. But it was fun the kids loved it!

Rocking on the porch!

More Grandeb duty. 
Let's talk about how awesome Sadie is. 
Kelsey, take a lesson! 

My odds! 

Charley Kate loved building!

Anthony in his happy place! 
I have never seen him so chilled out than after fishing. 

It gets dark FAST out there! 

Molly loves to snuggle with PawPaw!

Washing off the day! 

And of course, one giant Moriarty Family picture! 
The first picture of all 22 of us out there! 

Friday was more of the same- playing and fishing and hanging out. My cousin, Kelli and her family were in College Station from Pennsylvania visiting her parents, so we had all of them out on Friday. Ugh! I miss them! The kids all had an absolute blast together. I so wish they lived close and we got to see them more!

The Harmon sisters, plus their youngest babies, with their youngest babies! 
Lots of memories between Kelli, Michelle, and me! 
I hope our two girls her little boy can do the same!

Owen loved fishing with Anthony.
He caught the biggest catfish on record at the ranch... a 3 lb!

Kelli's middle and Molly passed out- facing the wrong end of the bed! 

Dickson is the cutest! 

Shooting skeet with Aaron and Josh. 
I was a terrible shot that day- and I'm normally pretty decent! 

It's just fun to visit and catch up! 

The girls loved playing together!

More visiting!

And our group shot! 

It was a fun day but we were all spent by Friday night. Most people headed back and my family, Michelle's family, and Kiki's family stayed and spent the night. It was an early night.

The next morning we all cleaned up and packed up and got outta there early- we had family pictures that afternoon!

Friday night shenanigans! 

And Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete without some sort of mishap! 
The Fountains car wouldn't start.. Always something! 

After family pictures we celebrated Anthony's (and Owen's and Jill's and Scott's) birthdays at my parents' house.

It was a super fun, super hectic and crazy few days. We wouldn't change it for the world- except maybe a little less crazy and a little more sleep. Ha!

The best part about being out in Brenham is getting to be outside all the time. We aren't all just stuck inside one house for a weekend- we can get out and do things and be pretty spread out! Thankful we have a place to celebrate... but especially thankful for our wonderful and numerous blessings.